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ADC Foaming Agent


Product specification: Standard of The Ministry of Chemical Industry of China HG2097-91.
Molecular form ula: NH2CON=NCONH2.
Molecular weight:116.08.

Properties: This product is faint yellow powder. At normal atmospheric temperature, it can be stored for a long time and it is not easy to go bad or to lump.

This product is a strong organic foaming agent of heat decomposition type. The decomposition temperature range is small. This product can be decomposed into N2, CO, CO2 .The product is free from poison, smell ,color and pollution, but it can be decomposed at high temperature(>120 Centigrade).

Uses: It is used as a foaming agent for producing various foamed plastics. It is suitable for foaming plastice PVC, EVA, PP, PE, PS etc., especially suitable for producing imitation leather and plastic products with high demands and dense, homogeneous apertures. This product is used for obtaining the produced products with good elasticity, homogeneous foamed apertures and high strength.
Package: 25kg in the rigidity carton with inner plastic bag.

Storage: In the process of transportation and storage, this product can't be placed hear and heat source and should be prevented from strong bump and wetness. 

Designation of item

Purity % ≥


Gas-forming amount(ml/g)≥
Decomposition temperatureoC ≥
Loss on heating %≤

Partical size≤